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Support for overseas commercialization of educational business of non-profit organization (Tanzania, 2022)

-Customer industry/scale- Educational projects (non-profit organizations) -Customer needs/issues- Although the company has a concept for overseas expansion, it has not been able to incorporate it into a concrete business plan Has not set numerical targets for future business expansion Wants to explore possibilities for collaboration with companies, organizations, etc. for business expansion -Support contents- Consulting to understand the current status of the business...


Support for materialization of overseas business concept for freight transportation business (Cambodia, 2022-2023)

-Customer industry/scale- Freight forwarding (SMEs) -Customer needs/issues- Has an overseas expansion plan but have not yet been able to incorporate it into a concrete business plan Wants to gain a more detailed understanding of the overall picture and business environment of the market we are aiming to enter Wants to share the details of our business plan with other parties involved, and strengthen...

Southeast Asia

Support for overseas commercialization of home medical devices (Central America, 2019-22)

-Customer industry/scale- Manufacturing and service industry (SMEs) -Customer needs/issues- Wants to promote their products in target countries Wants to plan business development in cooperation with local governments and companies Wants to take advantage of public overseas expansion support programs -Support contents- Planning business models based on industry-academia-government collaboration, including Japanese companies and local public institutions Liaison with embassies and government officials in target...

Central America

Support for overseas commercialization of construction companies (Europe, Asia, etc., 2021-)

-Customer industry/scale- Construction (SMEs) -Customer needs/issues- Wants to expand your business overseas, but do not know how to determine which countries are best suited for your company Wants to obtain basic information on business practices, legal systems, building standards, etc. in promising countries Wants to disseminate information about their business to potential overseas partners and prospective customers -Support contents- Clarification of the content...


Identify promising domestic companies in overseas markets and study their overseas expansion strategies (in Japan, 2021-22)

-Customer industry/scale- Technical consulting business (large company) -Customer needs/issues- Discovering new domestic companies with high potential for overseas expansion Analyzing and evaluate whether the products and services of individual companies meet the needs of overseas markets Examining the draft of an individual company’s overseas expansion strategy -Support contents- Selection of candidate companies that are assumed to have high potential for overseas expansion (narrowed...


Support for business negotiations with prospective overseas customers (public health field) (2020)

-Customer industry/scale- Manufacturing industry (small and medium enterprises) -Customer needs/issues- Accurately respond to inquiries from overseas Identify promising business negotiations and proceed with priority Promptly provide English materials and data necessary for business negotiations -Support contents- Client’s overseas business department as a contact and respond to inquiries List prospective customer information and analyze/evaluate potential for business negotiation Creation of English materials and data...



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